We are an alliance.

We are strength, power, and truth. We are positive and negative.
We are affected, and we are united.

We are ready for you to join us:

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I am the Red Warrior

My power is life.
For to those who feel they might have lost their life to HIV, I want to bring that life back to them.

My strength is showing the power of love.
Love for those who have lost the love that they have for themselves, or who have never been loved, or who have lost all faith since being diagnosed with HIV.
A lot of people think HIV is  a death sentence. It’s not a death sentence, it’s a life lesson. It’s just something to deal with, and it’s not the end for us.

My truth is that we need to have faith in each other and in ourselves.
It’s been 12 years since my diagnosis and I’ve learned to love myself and to love others. I brought back my smile, and I want to bring that to others.

I am the Orange Warrior

My power is healing.
I am a professor, and an inventor. My goal is to eliminate HIV from the world.

My strength is knowledge.
Knowledge is key, and knowledge is power, and when you’re empowered, nothing can stop you.

My truth is that HIV isn’t big scary monster.
When you know about HIV and you know how it’s transmitted, then you know you can control it. You have the power to stop it, and you have the power to stop other people from getting it. 
As someone who’s negative, I date both negative and positive people. I don’t judge them: if I like them, I like them!


My power is bringing hope to people’s lives.
We can be the change for people who feel like they don’t have any hope. HIV isn’t the end of your life. 

My strength is wisdom.
I took a bad thing and made it a good thing: before my diagnosis I knew nothing about HIV, but I decided to educate myself  to bring about change in other people’s lives. Educate yourself, and in turn you can educate others. That’s where positive change begins.

My truth is to know your partners.
Know who you’re dealing with, who you’re sleeping with, and who you’re building your relationships with. In the end only you can take control over your life. 



My power is bringing light to people’s lives. 
I’m here for people who are living in a dark place or trying to find a way out of dark moment.

My strength is being open about HIV.
Discuss it. Be knowledgeable. Dispute myths. Let’s be honest: it’s not something you would wish for anybody else to have. But the fact of the matter is people do have it. It doesn’t say anything about their character, their ability in life, or their desirability.

My truth is: be there how people want you to be.
Don’t pity people. Don’t treat them any differently. Just be there when and how they need you to be. 


My power is nature.
I will change the nature of things.

My strength is kindness.
How I fight stigma? I don’t fight. I kill. I terminate with kindness.
At the end of the day we’re supposed to be kind to each other.

My truth is about the power of family. 
I’ve learned so much since my diagnosis, and it all comes back to this Audrey Hepburn quote: “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” When we hang onto each other we have family, and when we have family, the possibilities are limitless. My family is all my brothers and sisters, everywhere in the community. Family makes you stronger. 






My power is serenity.
I embody the power of love, joy, and happiness.

My strength is my past.
I get strength from the things I’ve been through. We all know how it feels not to be happy. I don’t want anybody to feel that way, to have to keep facing those downfalls.

My truth is that HIV is a part of life.
It’s an everyday thing. It’s not a death sentence. It’s just 3 letters. So know your status. Don’t judge anybody because of what they have. Help a person out, and keep yourself strong. Beat it, don’t let it beat you.

I am the purple warrior

My power is spirit.
I am the fallen angel. I’m here to represent those we’ve lost to AIDS.

My strength is determination.
My source of strength comes from those who are living with HIV. Just because you have HIV doesn’t mean that you have to give up hope.
You always have that person in you that can keep fighting.

My truth is to wrap it up.
PrEP is an important tool in fighting HIV, but even if you’re on PrEP you can still spread STIs. Wrap it up, and make sure you stay safe.

Interested in PrEP to help prevent HIV?
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