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The HIV Warriors project is a joint production of ASCNYC and Heads or Tails NYC,
with special thanks to all of the Warriors for their endless energy, creativity, and willingness to share.

  • Costume and website design by the Warriors, Christel Hyden and Leah Herrington
  • Generously sponsored by Kryolan and Bella PR
  • Special thanks to Production Assistants Bryan Swanston, Jonathan Atkins, and Geoffry McNish; to Guy Williams and mPowerment United for endless cheerleading; to MalyikaNima Jackson for the video voice talent; and to William Nazareth, John Backe, Jill Spoon, and Miss Veronica Vera for critical preproduction planning and support
  • Shot on location at Adelante Studios
  • See our full photo portfolio here!


Alina Oswald

Hair/Makeup Design

Hair/Makeup Design

Jessica Padilla & Astoria Grey

Go behind the scenes

Why two yellow Warriors? Because we are a team. When one Warrior had a personal problem and couldn’t make it to the photo shoot, another stepped in at the last minute. And when that replacement needed to be somewhere else, a third filled that spot. We are always here for each other, to get the work done and get the message out. 

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