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The HIV Warriors project is a joint production of The Prevention Collaborative and Heads or Tails NYC,
with special thanks to all of the Warriors for their endless energy, creativity, and willingness to share.

  • Costume and website design by the Warriors, Christel Hyden and Leah Herrington
  • Generously sponsored by Kryolan and Bella PR
  • Special thanks to Production Assistants Bryan Swanston, Jonathan Atkins, and Geoffry McNish; to Guy Williams and mPowerment United for endless cheerleading; and to William Nazareth, John Backe, Jill Spoon, and Miss Veronica Vera for critical preproduction planning and support
  • Shot on location at Adelante Studios
  • See our full photo portfolio here!



Alina Oswald

Hair/Makeup Design

Hair/Makeup Design

Hair & Makeup design:

Jessica Padilla & Astoria Grey

Go behind the scenes

Why two yellow Warriors? Because we are a team.
When one Warrior had a personal problem and couldn’t make it to the photo shoot, another stepped in at the last minute. And when that replacement also had a personal obligation halfway through his shoot, a third team member filled that spot and stood in for the rest of the photos.
We are always here for each other, to get the work done and get the message out.